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Row VagaBond 4.7

Row VagaBond 4.7 Coastal and Expedition Rowboat, a very sea-safe sports and exercise rowing boat for an active outdoor life.
Expeditionary, coastal, adventure and exercise. An environmentally friendly craft for real adventurers or a training tool for the discerning exerciser.

Package includes:

Sliding Seat, Folding Riggers, Oarlocks, Tow Line & 1 pair of Carbon Sculling Oars:-

£4,968 ex VAT

£5,961 inc VAT

Approximate delivery date mid/end of March 2022

"The rowboats response to the sea kayak"

The Oars are specially constructed of 70% carbon 30% fibre, allowing a kinder flex on the stroke therefore being kinder on the body plus making them more durable.


Oars £540 (inc VAT) Price per pair

Launching Dolly, sold separately £180 (inc VAT)

Waterproof top cover, sold separately £240.00

There is a hole in the bow for a tow or security line.

Boat Stats

Length 4.71 m
Width - hull 1.15 m
Width - with riggers 1.67 m
Weight - hull 56 kg
Weight - total 56 kg
Cargo capacity - protected water 1 person + 100 kg
Cargo capacity - unprotected water 1 person + 100 kg
Floatation: 800 liters in 3 watertight compartments
CE category C


We partnered with some of the country's most experienced rowers and adventurers to produce the best long-distance rowing boat we could. Our expedition boat. Here is the result!

Oscar Kihlborg, Louise Rosenquist, Sören Kjellkvist, Hans Fridel, Christian Johannesson, Andreas Petersson…


All of them have contributed feedback from their expeditions during the journey as a result, Row VagaBond 4.7 is a rowing boat out of the ordinary. The result is a very well thought out long-distance rowing boat where everything sits right, and where our eye for detail has made this boat pretty perfect.


ROW VagaBond 4.7 extremely sea-safe, easy to handle and easy to operate.

As the name suggests, it is equipped to withstand the great adventure with features such as low centre of gravity, self-bailing and no less than three waterproof compartments.

Most notable, however, is the very well-turned hull which, together with details such as the characteristic leap and an effective stroke in the hull, provides a proud and dry passage even in really messy offshore weather.

But that is not to say that you have to go on the "big adventure" to value the VagaBond 4.7 features.

Whilst enjoying your rowing adventure, it's also a highly effective training tool for everyday exercise.

Basically, rowing with a sliding seat, is as you know, the most versatile and gentle form of exercise available. 

ROW VagaBond 4.7 is sold in basic design - or in packages with several tempting accessories.

Facts and features:

DESIGN - Wim Kotzé in collaboration with Hans Friedel. Whitehall-style.

FAST - faster than a traditional sea kayak.

STABILITY - more stable than a traditional sea kayak.

EASY TO MANAGE - Easily loaded onto car roofs and launched with a standard super-neat canoe carriage.

SAFE - dry running, plenty of buoyancy, self-bailing cockpit.

SPACIOUS - space for plenty of gear.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Zero emission propulsion.

DURABILITY- aluminium keel band that extends service life.

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