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The Rowing boats have been developed and designed by Wim Kotzé and small boat designer Hans Friedel. They have designed the boats to be fast and very stable. 

Having been a keen yachtsman for a number of years along the East Coast I have now teamed up with Row Generation of Sweden to promote the sales of their recreational rowing boats here in the UK.

I have now been appointed as the UK distributor.


My reasons for getting involved in rowing were, as an already fit person and a family man I wanted a low impact sport to keep my fitness levels high. Rowing is a low impact sport and is easy on the joints.  I would rather be roaming in the great outdoors in natures tranquil environment rather than being inside a gym. I soon realised it was a sport for all age groups and abilities therefore, making it a fun, family orientated affordable way to exercise.

Living very close the river Crouch, I can quite easily demonstrate the boats to people who are interested
Or due to the portability I can come to you with the row boat - so long as you have the water!

As you can see in the pictures, the boat has very pretty lines, it is very stable, light, easy to launch and therefore makes for an great adventure....

I would say the timing is perfect for being out in the fresh air!

Dan sailing.JPG


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