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Addictive Gliding Motion - Low Impact Body Workout

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 Our Rowing Boats are featured in
The Wave
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Today's pursuit of a more healthy and exciting way of life

has led to the development of recreation and exercise particularly outside. 

Doctors, sports doctors and sports enthusiasts claim that rowing is the perfect workout, and rightly so!

Why is rowing with a sliding seat so good?

  • Rowing is a sport where you use your whole body, which provides a complete training program, both physically and mentally, all in one.

  • Starting to row does not require any great skill but you can learn the basics in an afternoon. The challenge is always there, you can always improve.

  • Regardless of age, weight and physique, one can learn to relax and achieve a level of proficiency that is physically beneficial to well-being.

  • Rowing is an activity recognised as a very effective rehabilitation for athletes with, for example, knee injuries.

  • Most importantly, by rowing can you get away from today's stress and bustle. You will find that rowing never gets boring and you look forward to your next rowing session whether it is a workout, or just a relaxing row whilst soaking up the natural surroundings. 

Rowing is a wonderful, fun, easy way to keep fit.


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