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Row eXplorer 4.6

ROW eXplorer 4.6 is a clean and simple ridged sport rowing boat with a sliding seat. These boat can be set up for single or double person rowing .

A minimalist sports rowing boat for exercise or long distance rowing. in protected waters. 

Fast & stable, easy to handle.

Sport rowing boat - For single / double rowing

For Single rowing boat:-

Package price includes, Sliding Seat, Monorail, Riggers, Oarlocks, Tow line & 1 pair of Carbon Sculling Oars

£3,850 ex VAT

£4,620 inc VAT

Please enquire for the price (without Oars) but includes, Sliding Seat, Monorail, Riggers, Oarlocks, Tow line 

To up grade to Double rowing boat:-

Sliding Seat, Monorail, Riggers, Oarlocks & 1 pair of Carbon Sculling Oars £1440 (inc VAT)

The oars are specially constructed of 70% carbon 30% fibre, allowing a kinder flex on the stroke therefore being kinder on the body plus making them more durable.


Oars £540 (inc VAT) Price per pair

Launching Dolly, sold separately £180 (inc VAT)

Waterproof top cover, sold separately £240.00

There is a hole in the bow for a tow or security line.

*Carriage cost is extra & will be confirmed based on location. 

A fast and safe rowing boat, easy to handle and beautiful to look at.

Boat Stats

Length: 4.69 m
Width: hull 1.15 m
Width: with outriggers 1.15 m
Weight: hull 32 kg
Weight: total 39 kg
Flotation: Airtight flotation compartments  in the bow & stern
CE: category D

Good to know

The ROW eXplorer 4.6 is always delivered ready to row as single. The basic rowing unit is a monorail sliding seat unit with integrated riggers on sculling gates. In case you have taken advantage of our ”Package Offer”, a pair of our tried and tested standard carbon fibre composite sculling oars with asymmetric big blades will be included with your boat.


All our boats are set up in the same way as a racing scull and rowed with basically the same technique. ROW eXplorer 4.6 can be upgraded to be rowed as a double at any time by ordering the eXplorer Upgrade Kit containing an additional ROWing Unit and a pair of sculls. Switching between single and double rowing mode is very simple and requires only minutes of your time.

When rowed as a single, the Single ROWing Unit is placed in the centre of the boat. When converting to double, the Single Unit is moved aft and the second, almost identical ROWing Unit, is mounted in a forward position. Just reverse the procedure to convert back to single again. The beauty of this arrangement is that the boat is always rowed in perfect balance.



ROW eXplorer 4.6 was developed by Wim Kotzé in cooperation with Hans Friedel, small boat designer . The purpose was to create a simple, low cost rowing boat with really good core qualities and state of the art rowing equipment.

The ROW eXplorer 4,6 is suitable for single and / or double rowing and there is even space for the kids, some friends or your favourite pets. You can pack for a picnic or even better, a rowing holiday.

Our boats are light enough to be transported with ease on the roof of a regular passenger car with roof racks. The launching of the boat is simple and can easily be done by tipping it over the side of a dock, with a canoe trolley or from a slipway with our custom-built aluminium launcher.



ROW eXplorer 4.6 was first introduced to the general market in March 2005 at the Scandinavian Boat Show. It was developed and produced in Sweden. Production was later moved to Estonia only to be moved back during the autumn of 2009 to a facility in Oregrund, Sweden. An increasing demand plus the need for a reliable supplier and better production quality led us to Markos, a very competent supplier located in Poland. Since the start of 2018 all our boats are produced in this fantastic factory to a much better quality than ever before.



Our boats are built in a hand laid up GRP. The keel and hull is protected by a custom made aluminium profile. This keel band stretches the entire length of the keel and bow and is integrated to the hull with a moulded in groove cast into the keel. A neat lightweight rubber, rubbing strake protect the rails.

A drain with a bung in the bilges takes care of rainwater that might collect in the boat.

Watertight Kayak Sport hatches are mounted in the flotation tanks in the bow and stern.

We use our boats actively and are always in an on-going process of improving and optimising our products .

Being a family run business we have the ability to get changes and modifications done with limited effort.

In all boats produced after the spring of 2012 there is a hole in the bow. Placed in a perfect position for towing the boat, this hole is even suitable for mooring or tying up. It also works perfectly for locking the boat with our 6,5 meter anti-theft wire. (accessory).

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