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AVE Kaito Club Coastal Racing Boat

Ave Kaito Club Coastal Racing Skiff - The C1x Kaito is the new coastal single model of Ave Rowing Boats. When we first started considering the new model, we wanted something that could be both a fast and competitive boat, but also a more practical boat that could also be used for recreational purposes. We have thought a lot about all competitions, starting by the Beach Sprints, and tried to make it as easy as possible to participate on them, but we have also taken into consideration the practicability of a recreational boat.

This boat is available in two different versions, manufactured using the same process, but different materials. We have the Carbon version, having all parts (such as hull, foot-stretcher with Active-Tool shoes and
seat plate) produced with carbon fibres. We also have the Club version, where the hull is produced with fibre glass fibres, the seat is produced from carbon fibres and the foot-stretcher is made of marine plywood with flex-feet

We have uplifted the tips of the bow and the stern creating a “banana shaped” hull. This way we have less hull on the water and consequently more speed. We have created a wider and flatter center hull, to offer you a more comfortable and stable row.

We have thought and planned this boat to be competitive for those who want and enjoy competing during the Coastal Rowing season, but have also made it practical, in order to be applicable to everyone who likes coastal rowing and recreational activities. Apart from the innovation on the design, directed to the competitive area, as presented before, we have also created a box that works as a storage compartment, close to the rower to access it easily. We have allocated three plastic handles, placed on the tips of the boat to be easier to transport it, and two new drain plugs strategically placed to a better removal of the water that may enter the boat. Never forgetting our aluminium lateral rigger, created to ease the assembling and the transport.
This boat is designed to enable athletes of 16+ years to practice and compete.

With the introduction of this new rowing category in the Olympic Games and the creation of Coastal Rowing Championships almost all around the world, in many different countries. C1x Kaito complies with all World Rowing Coastal Rowing regulations.

Price & delivery upon application

Facts and features:

Length: 5.80 metres

Beam: 80.3 centimetres
Height/depth: 29.5 centimetres
Weight: The standard weight is 35Kg (World
Rowing conform Coastal regulations). Although we offer the possibility in the Carbon version to order it with the less weight possible that can be within 25-27Kg and we provide the extra weight if the intention is to also use it in Coastal Rowing competitions.
Type of rigger: Aluminium lateral rigger (easy to assemble and easier to transport);
Number of watertight compartments: 3

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